My love for birds and other wildlife developed while growing up in rural Michigan (USA).  Photography initially served as a means of documenting what I observed. Gradually this progressed into a passion for capturing the behaviour of all types of wildlife in their natural setting. The final progression in my photographic style was to concentrate on composition and a more artisitc style of photography.


Over the years I have developed a special connection to places like Yellowstone National Park and Algonquin Provincial Park, so you will find many images on this website of the  wildlife and stunning landscape that exist in these places.


My first love is wildlife and nature, but whenever I travel it is with my camera and bag of lenses. So you will also see other types of images on this website from France, Havana, air shows, horse races and whatever else caught my fancy. These are images that tell a story or capture a special moment.

My new book, Captured: Bird Behaviour In Images is now available under the store tab.

I also write poems about my photographic adventures as well as life experiences. These poems, together with many of my images, are published as My Thoughts and Stories In Verse, which is also available.


Any feedback you would like to provide via email is appreciated.

About C.R. (Chuck) Courson